[Quick Learnings] Why Saying I Want To Be Happy Kills Happiness And How to Fix This


Why Saying I Want To Be Happy Kills Happiness And How to Fix This

Since, the title is very provocative, let's prove it by going straight to the facts, backed by science.

True happiness is something that comes from inside and cannot be chased or gained; this belief is not just an ancient one. The area of contemporary science agrees.

Since a long time ago, neuroscientists have agreed that pursuing happiness does not lead to obtaining actual joy. According to studies, a person's likelihood of discovering pleasure and fulfillment decreases the more they are committed to seeking it. In fact, research have shown that pursuing happiness actually makes us unhappy. Science Daily released a research on this. Researchers discovered that "those who want happiness frequently feel that there is not enough time in the day, and this paradoxically makes them feel miserable."

However, that doesn't imply that trying to find happiness is pointless, rather happiness should be pursued differently then. This is where setting goals and happiness converge.

You wouldn't just announce that you wanted to be happier if you used good goal-setting. Instead, you would say that your goal is to pursue the activities that would ultimately make you happy.

Setting goals and positioning oneself for effective goal achievement both depend on this method of goal-setting. Create objectives with a clear route to completion, so rather than having a grand, encompassing aim such as, "I want to generate more money", set a goal that "I want to grow my business". 

The skill is to look at the "how" rather than the "what," such as generating more money (growing the business).

We achieve happiness when we stop making happiness our ultimate aim and start setting goals that will enhance our happiness.

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