[Short Stories] Adam's First Day of Martial Arts Class

[Short Stories] Adam's first day of martial arts class

[Short Stories] Adam's First Day of Martial Arts Class

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Adam was nervous as he walked into his first-ever kids martial arts class. He had always been fascinated by the idea of martial arts and was eager to learn more about it. 

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Adam's first day for martial arts class

The class was for kids ages six to twelve and included both karate and Tae Kwon Do. Adam made a new friend during his introduction to the class, another young student also new to martial arts.

The teacher, a kind and elderly man, greeted Adam warmly and led him to the classroom. There were about 20 kids in the class, all kicking and punching, when the teacher told them to. 

Adam's Teacher was a kind man

Adam felt out of his depth at first, but he soon found himself enjoying the class. Adam loved getting into the punches and kicks with his classmates, feeling the adrenaline running through his body as they practiced together. 

He learned how to defend himself against punches and kicks, how to block them, and even how to throw punches and kicks of his own. He also enjoyed just having fun practicing with his new friend.

Adam Practices with his friends!

Eventually the class ended and Adam was able to go home feeling pleased with himself. He had conquered his fear of martial arts and newfound love for it had sealed the deal: Adam was going to become a black belt in this art! 

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