Soon Tesla Drivers Will Be Able To Use Zoom In Their Cars

Soon Tesla Drivers Will Be Able To Use Zoom In Their Cars

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    Credit: Zoom/YouTube

During Zoomtopia 2022, Zoom announced that, if you drive a Tesla, you'll soon be able to join the Zoom call directly from your vehicle. 

This a feature that Tesla users and drivers asked Elong Musk (CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, Boring Company and now Twitter), back in 2020. The ask was specific to the interiror camera in the vehicle for Zoom meetings. Ofcourse, Zoom was not about to let this opportunity go, where the users have already validate the need for this ask. Elon Musk at the time confirmed that this was "definitely a future feature."

Here's a demo of the feature in Tesla's Model Y.

There are safety concerns, so the it's unlikely that the feature will be available while driving. It's also not clear if WiFi or possibly a subscription to StarLink may be required. But that's not all. Zoom has also recently announced Zoom mail and Calendar, which pins it as a competitor for Google Workspace. 

Zoom also announced Zoom Spots, a "virtual co-working space" for "free-form, video-first conversations." It's coming in early 2023, the company said.

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