[Short Stories] Eva Learns to Code her Toy Robot

[Short Stories] Eva Learns to Code her Toy Robot

[Short Stories] Eva Learns to Code her Toy Robot

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Eva's dad was always so interested in new technology, and she was always fascinated with all the complex coding he could do on his computer. When she was in middle school, Eva decided it would be fun to learn how to code herself.

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She started by watching some YouTube videos about coding, and then got down to actually doing it herself. She found a tutorial that explained how to do basic programming with Scratch, a visual programming language. 

Eva knew that if she could figure out how to program her little robot toy, then she could probably figure out anything!

One day, Eva was sitting in her room, typing on her laptop with a smile on her face. Her dad walks into the room and sees that she is working on something. "Hey kiddo, what are you doing?" he asks with a smile. I'm learning to code with Scratch, dad", Eva replies with a grin. Her father was surprised but supportive of his daughter's interests and helps teach her the basics of coding.

With a few practice sessions and some help from her dad, Eva was able to start creating simple programs that could control her toy robot. It wasn't as easy as YouTube videos made it look – but after a few weeks of hard work and learning, Eva was finally coding!

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