WhatsApp’s First Original Film Releases on Amazon Prime


WhatsApp’s First Original Film Releases on Amazon Prime

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has officially entered the film or content business. WhatsApp, earlier this week, officially announced its first original short film “Naija Odyssey,”, which convers the story of NBA player Giannis Antetokounmpo.

This is quite an interesting move by a messaging app, which wants to mimic the success of message platforms in China like WeChat. It's also an interesting collaboration between an NBA star and a messaging app, which other wise is mainly limited to shoes and apparel - think Air Jordan's. Giannis recently signed an endorsement deal with WhatsApp, another first for the app. 

“Naija Odyssey”, which premieres on Prime Video on September 21, is a 12 minute short movie, will also be release on WhatsApps social media accounts as well its YouTube channel. 

Vivian Odior, WhatsApp’s global head of marketing has stated that, “‘Naija Odyssey’ is a story that reinforces how WhatsApp helps us embrace our multifaceted lives. In navigating relationships, identity, and even adversity, WhatsApp is there — enabling you to embrace all sides of you by connecting you to those who matter most.”

Watch the Trailer here: 

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