[Short Stories] Timmy Learns How to Swim

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[Short Stories] Timmy Learns How to Swim

It was a hot, sunny day and the perfect day for a swim. 9-year-old Timmy had tried to learn how to swim, but he could never figure it out. When he was younger, his mom and dad had tried to teach him, but he was always afraid to put his head under water. 

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Timmy's parents signed him up for swimming lessons at the local pool and Timmy was excited to finally be able to join his friends in the water. Timmy walked into the pool area and saw his swimming instructor. She was a kind-looking woman with a warm smile.

"Ready to Learn how to swim Timmy?", she asked, as she put floater on Timmy's arms.

"Yes, I am", Timmy replied excitedly.

Timmy started by just putting his toes in the water, letting the coolness of the water refresh him. The instructor started by teaching him how to breathe properly. Then she showed him how to float on his back. Then Timmy slowly made his way into the swimming pool, inch by inch, until he was waist deep in the pool. He could feel his heart racing as he thought about putting his head under water, but he knew he had to try. 

He took a deep breath and then dunked his head under. It was a little scary at first, but Timmy quickly realized that he was fine. He came up for a breath of air and then went back under. He started to swim around a little bit, feeling more confident with each stroke. The instructor made sure that Timmy was always safe, as she continued to show him how to breathe and do the strokes.

Eventually, Timmy made his way to the deep end of the pool. He was a little scared, but he knew he could do it. He took a deep breath and then swam down to the bottom. He came back up a few seconds later, feeling proud of himself.

He had finally done it! Timmy had learned how to swim and now he could enjoy swimming with friends and family. 

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