[Short Stories] Sarah and the Mystery of the Missing Tooth

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Sarah and the Mystery of the Missing Tooth

It was the day before Sarah’s fifth birthday. She was so excited to finally be a “big kid” and she couldn’t wait to open her presents and have her cake.

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But that night, as Sarah was brushing her teeth before bed, she felt something strange. Her tooth was wiggling! She wiggled it back and forth a few times before it finally fell out.

Sarah was so excited! Sarah had heard from her friends that the tooth fairy visits the kids, when they put the tooth under their pillow. "I have to show mom, before the tooth fairy comes", Sarah thought to herself. Sarah was so excited that she ran to her parents room, to show them the gap, where the tooth fell out from. When Sarah came back to her room, she went to find the tooth, but the tooth was gone!

Sarah looked all around her room, but she couldn’t find it anywhere. "Did I leave it under the pillow?", Sarah wondered to herself. So she looked under her pillow, but it wasn’t there either.
"Where could her tooth be?", Sarah said worryingly.
Sarah searched and searched, but she just couldn’t find it anywhere. She was starting to get worried that the tooth fairy would not visit her. 
"What if the tooth fairy came and took it already?", Sarah wondered, but there were no presents under the pillow.
Sarah ran back to her parents room and told them that her tooth had disappeared. Sarah’s mom assured her that the tooth fairy would find her tooth, even if it was hidden. But Sarah still couldn’t help but worry. 

She looked everywhere again, but she just couldn’t find her tooth. Finally, Sarah decided to go bed, but she couldn’t sleep, as she was too worried about her tooth.

The next morning, Sarah woke up early and went to look for her tooth again. And this time, she found it! It was under her bed. Sarah was so relieved. She couldn’t wait to put her tooth under her pillow and see what the tooth fairy would leave her.

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