The Best Alternative Search Engines to Google Search

Privacy is the main concern for majority users of Google. Now, users don’t have to use Google to google, and there are plenty of reasons not to. Beyond privacy, some browser options offer other benefits, such as rewards or donations to worthy causes based on how much you search. 

Additionally, in earlier alternatives to google, quality of web search results was an issue, but nowadays, users are hard-pressed to find much difference in the results generated by one site search engine vs another. In fact, several of the alternates use privatized results from Bing and Google, while others are building their own web-crawling site indexes. 

So if users don't want one mega corporation to know every little detail about them and profit from their information, or that one company shouldn’t control more than 90% of the world’s web searches, here the best search engine alternatives to Google.

1. Brave Search: Coming from the innovative creators of the privacy-focused Brave web browser, Brave Search claims “unmatched privacy.”. Brave search is still in beta, though it’s perfectly functional and delivers apt results. There’s no account to sign into, your IP address is used to localize results but isn’t stored, and you can turn off that access.

2. DuckDuckGo: DuckDuckGo (or DDG, to its fans) has a simple privacy policy: “We don’t collect or share any of your personal information.”. For the ultimate in privacy, DDG offers a Tor .onion version of its search engine. If you like DuckDuckGo, you may be interested in its browser, too.

3. Mojeek: Mojeek is a UK-based search engine with a focus on privacy. Its index is completely built in house, though it's considerably smaller than Bing or Google’s.

Please share in comments, if their others that users can benefit from.