A One Click Checkout for Online Shopping that Works Everywhere

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A One Click Checkout for Online Shopping that Works Everywhere

Toronto-based Sleek, is developing a browser extension enabling one-click checkout and cash-back savings. Adam MacEachern founded Sleek with Daniel Baum and Palmer McCutcheon, in 2021. At the time, they were looking at the web browser and building financial rails for the browser that would work everywhere, not just on one certain shopping experience.

“Life happens online, but nothing harmonizes it,” MacEachern told TechCrunch. “Checkout has inconsistent offerings, so we are building a one-click checkout that works everywhere for everyone. In the near future, no one will be filling out forms, and we want to be the one making that change.”

Sleek is installed as an extension to the browser of choice, once users are done shopping they can pay with Sleek and earn up to 25% cash back for purchases on top of rewards for shopping. Sleek makes money from its retail partners when a user checks out, keeping a small fraction as revenue and passing the rest on to users as the cash-back portion of its offerings.

“Our extension is powered by machine learning to navigate checkout the same way humans would,” he added. “We are the browser level, so when they download Sleek, it is everywhere and works everywhere. That is the true experience of one-click checkout.”

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